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Folding Tables


Folding Table Selection and Use Guide

folding table - tray table Folding tables are used in a variety of ways and come in a wide selection of sizes and shapes.  They offer the user a convenient storable surface that may be portable or attached to their location of use.  Often, there is a need for table surfaces in certain settings requiring specialized design and construction methods.  They can be made out of steel, aluminum, wood, and plastic.  Some of these tables fold at the end, while others fold in the middle and are free standing.  Still other tables may have folding legs.

folding table and chairs In the home setting, folding tables may be the traditional square or rectangular type but some are round, such as dining tables.  Other home use types include folding card tables, TV trays, and ironing boards.  Other specialized surfaces include those that fold into a vertical surface, such as the dining tables found in RVs and the tray tables used in commercial aircraft.

folding table legs and bench seat Commercially, folding tables are required on a daily basis.  Trade show exhibits utilize sturdy folding tables that are of heavy duty construction.  Schools use center folding lunch tables with attached bench seats because they are easy to move and don't take much space once folded and stacked side by side.  Restaurants often lay tablecloths over a long line of folding tables to create banquet displays.  Offices may also use these tables for temporary setup and vendors use them to showcase their wares.

While folding tables may seem like a simple idea, new and innovative designs continually find their way into the marketplace and each helps to make someone's life a bit easier and more organized.

Folding Table Manufacturers

  • Correll
    This Arkansas firm manufactures a broad selection of folding tables, activity tables, library tables and other commercial furniture.
  • Midwest Folding Products
    Manufactures an extensive line of quality folding tables for commercial, educational, and food service applications.
  • Burgess Furniture
    Offers a line of commercial-quality folding tables for hotel, banquet, and conference applications.
  • MityLite
    Utah-based designer and manufacturer of durable ABS folding tables, banquet and stacking chairs, carts and lecterns.
  • Iceberg IndestrucTable
    Features round and rectangular stackable folding tables for work surface and banquet uses.
  • Sico Mobile Folding Tables
    Manufacturer and importer of mobile folding tables and related furnishings for food service, hospitality and training applications.

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